Meadow Ballroom

Meadow’s Ballroom program is run through the Danzinskule Education Foundation. The program is geared towards 4-6th grade. We offer beginner and intermediate levels of instruction in merengue, foxtrot, tango, cha cha and swing.

Why is this program so valuable?

  • The most significant lesson plan of the program teaches students the importance of RESPECT for self, for classmates, for teachers, and their surroundings.
  • Students learn SOCIAL AWARENESS SKILLS that are useful throughout their lives.
  • Ballroom dance is an AGE APPROPRIATE ACTIVITY for both boys and girls to enjoy together and is fun, active, and healthy for the mind and body.
  • The curriculum includes an ARTS IN EDUCATION movement experience supported by the dance education system.
  • The program provides a TEAM EXPERIENCE that helps build team camaraderie and self-esteem.


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