Welcome back to school!

We’re excited to “Return to Learn” at Meadow  Elementary!  In keeping with the Alpine School District “Return to Learn” plan approved by the Board of Education, we will resume daily face-to-face instruction for students while also providing an online learning option for those who choose (details of the district’s school reopening plan can be found at the bottom of this page).  This website outlines procedures, policies, schedules, and other details specific to Meadow that will be in place as we reopen for the 2020-2021 school year.  The steps and procedures outlined on this website will help us mitigate risk factors and provide our students with a safe and successful return to learning. 

What are the learning options at Meadow?

Meadow Elementary is happy to offer our families two learning options:

1. Learning at school with face-to-face instruction from Meadow teachers.

Learning under this option will be a return to in person learning.  School meals (breakfast and lunch), recess, and specialty classes will be offered.  Safety precautions will be in place to ensure students and staff members have a safe learning environment.

2.  Online learning in which students study remotely from home.

Students will access an online district-developed curriculum for essentials in language arts, math, and science.  Students will complete online learning tasks each day as outlined in the curriculum.  A Meadow teacher will be assigned to each student and will check in at least once a week and provide interventions and assign grades.

Of course we would encourage face-to-face instruction with our students, but we also understand that every family has different circumstances and we will support you in your decision.

How will teachers balance in person teaching and online learner support?

All students, whether learning through in person or online instruction, will be assigned to a Meadow teacher.  Even when assigned to the same teacher, in person and online students will be viewed as separate classes to make it easier for teachers to provide each group with their particular support needs.  There will be no cross-sharing of Tier 1 instruction from in-person classes to online classes.  This means that in person students will receive their primary instruction from face-to-face lessons with Meadow teachers, and online learners will receive their primary instruction from the district provided curriculum, with individualized follow-up and intervention support from Meadow teachers.

Teaching is a challenging profession under normal circumstances, but our current learning situation caused by the COVID-19 virus presents some truly unique and stretching elements to our work.  In the face of these challenges, teachers are not expected to do two different jobs by providing both online instruction and face to face instruction.  A modified schedule (early dismissal) will take place every day of the week to provide teachers with time and support to meet the needs of in-person and online learners. 

Our leadership team has determined that the hour after school each day on Tuesday-Thursday (2:30-3:30) will be reserved for open office hours and time to personally follow-up with students learning at home.  As usual, the Monday early-out provides time for teacher collaboration so that teachers can work collectively to support the learning progress of their students.  From 2:30-3:00 after school on Fridays will serve as time for support for online students with 3:00-4:00 serve as time for teachers to plan instruction and prepare for the coming week. 

What if I want to change my child's learning option?

Changes to your child’s learning option (i.e. in-person, online, homeschool) can be made at each trimester change.  The first trimester ends on November 13, 2020 and the second trimester ends on March 5, 2021.  By waiting to facilitate changes to learning options until these particular times in the school year, we are able to support our teachers’ efforts to provide instruction that is balanced and well-planned.

What will happen if the district needs to go back to 100 percent online instruction?

Health officials at the state and county level will notify our district or school if there is a need to return to 100 percent online instruction.  In such circumstances, we will follow the district’s Elementary Expectations for Online Learning.

What are the specific details of our chosen learning option?

To review the procedures specific to your child’s learning situation, select the “In Person Learning” or “Online Learning” link below.

In Person Learning

My child will attend school in person, face-to-face. 

Online Learning

My child will attend school remotely and access curriculum that is district developed and supported by a Meadow teacher.