What is the Triathlon Challenge?

Any student can work to complete the bronze, silver, and gold levels of the Meadow Triathlon Challenge.  Students who complete a level will receive recognition at our monthly school-wide assembly and have their name listed on our Triathlon Challenge Chart.  The three components of the challenge are Reading, Fitness, and Citizenship.


Read books from the 40 book challenge list on your personal reading level.  Parents can initial the reading chart for each book read.


Students should complete activities from the fitness chart.  Parents will initial the fitness chart for each activity completed.  These activities should be completed outside of regular school hours.


Good citizens look for opportunities to help others.  Students must participate in a service project to complete this challenge.  The project should benefit our school or community.  It is up to you, your parents, and your teacher to decide how you will serve.  Just write down what you did.  Your parents sign you off for completion of your project.

When you complete a level, turn your Triathlon Challenge brochure to Mrs. Mercer.  She will make a copy of your progress and return it to you so you can start tracking the next level.  Good luck with your triathlon!