New Utah Core Standards

Information Meeting Summary

Meadow Elementary hosted an information meeting Thursday, March 22, at 6:30pm to inform school patrons of the changes that the common core adoption will bring to the State of Utah, and in particular Alpine School District and Meadow Elementary.

The meeting began with a presentation in which Principal Carolyn Johnson explained in brief the changes to Utah’s curriculum and how these changes will impact our students.  We are excited for the enhancements that the new core will bring to our school and look forward to our change to the new math curriculum in 6th grade and English Language Arts in grades K-5 this coming school year.

The following link will allow you to download a PDF document of the slides presented by Mrs. Johnson in the information meeting: Presentation Slides


There are several handouts available to further explain the new Utah core standards and the changes that will come about in the elementary and secondary settings.  These handouts are available for download by clicking the links below:

USOE Common Core Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to some of the most common questions asked about the new Utah Core Curriculum.

USOE Common Core Brochure – This brochure briefly outlines the implementation of the new common core standards in the State of Utah.

New Math Standards Handout – This handout explains the changes to the math curriculum as well as the new secondary math pathways within Alpine School District.

New English Language Arts (ELA) Standards Handout – This handout provides an overview of the changes to the ELA standards.

The Common Core Standards

The new Common Core Standards are available for you to download at the following links:

English Language Arts (ELA) Standards

Math Standards

New Math Textbooks

Our sixth grade classes will begin teaching the new math curriculum standards in the 2012-2013 school year.  To ensure that their math materials will appropriately cover the new math standards, there is a need to purchase a new math text for our sixth grade classes.  Alpine School District established a textbook selection committee to view all possible textbook choices that correlate to the new math standards.  After several weeks of analysis and feedback, they narrowed the selection pool to two textbooks that we in turn can choose from on a school level.

A school-based textbook selection committee has been created to determine which textbook will best fit our needs.  This committee is comprised of PTA members, School Community Council members, teachers, and school administrators.  The committee welcomes your feedback and input on our textbook choices as they work to select a text for our school.  The textbook resources are available for you to review at the school.


We welcome any questions you may have about the new core curriculum standards and the implications that these standards will have upon your child.  You are welcome to call the school at (801) 768-7025 during normal school hours and we would be happy to speak with you and answer your questions.  You may also email your questions to Principal Carolyn Johnson at [email protected], Assistant Principal Zach Eagar at [email protected], or Administrative Intern Ilene Strong at [email protected]

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